Cyber Security: The Three P Easy Recipe

Passwords – Patching – People: Three pillars of greatly reducing the risk of data / privacy breaches and ransomware attacks.


  • Stop re-use (same password for different sites / same password for personal and work)
  • ensure minimum complexity rules: simple passwords and patterns are easily guessed
  • enable multi-factor authentication: many apps and services support it when enabled
  • check haveibeenpwned to know when accounts for your business are compromised


  • keep phone and computer operating systems
  • don’t forget installed apps and application updates


  • remind everyone about the first two Ps
  • teach them about phishing
  • incentivize them to be a partner in the security of the business

Reasons Small Business Owners/Operators Ignore Cyber Security

Business Owner: “My company is too small to be a target.”
Cyber Criminal: “I don’t care about your data; I’m going to use you to get to your customers.”
Reputation and litigation losses can easily cripple a business as would a ransomware attack.

Business Owner: It’s too complicated to deal with these risks – I don’t have those resources.
We Can Do That: You operate a business; you already have the skills required to manage basic cyber security.
The Three P Easy Recipe requires only basic communication and attention to detail.

Business Owner: It’s too expensive to deal with these risks – I don’t have budget for consultants.
We Can Do That: A bit of guidance at the equivalent cost of a few hand tools is smart return on investment.
Just a few hours of engagement would empower the business with a plan and basic governance.

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